Beyond Personal Informatics (Workshop)

In this well-attended CHI 2015 workshop, co-organised with Edinburgh’s Design Informatics, we sought to look beyond the dominant uses of personal informatics tools for behaviour change and health, towards designing for valued human experiences with data. We adopted a design-led and future-focused approach to engage workshop attendees in critically challenge existing narratives, broadening and remapping a design space to consider the situated experience of a data-driven life. We opened discussion on questions such as: how does Personal Informatics become a social concern? How might the value of data evolve over many years? How can personal data and a ‘Quantified Self’ be represented besides graphs and numbers?

While moving the debate on in a rapidly emerging area, this workshop also speaks to a core theme of my work – understanding and speculating about people’s life-long experiences with data.

More information on the workshop, including the 16 accepted submissions can be found at

The extended abstract published at CHI 2015 is here – (pdf).


Chris Elsden, Mark Selby, David Kirk, Chris Speed