2017 Updates

Some announcements, to make up for infrequent updates!

From January to March 2017 I undertook an internship with the fantastic HXD group at Microsoft Research Cambridge, doing fieldwork as part of the ongoing Digital Possessions project, under the guidance of the excellent Sian Lindley.

I’m running a workshop on ‘Quantified Data and Social Relationships’ at CHI this year, with some great collaborators.

Lastly some new publications on my latest work:

‘On Speculative Enactments’, published with an Honourable Mention at CHI 2017, takes a look at the novel approach to doing speculative design research I’ve developed with colleagues in the Metadating and Abacus Weddings projects. Part reflection, part critique, part how-to, the paper proposes HCI should go beyond generating discourse about the future, and generate meaningful speculative experiences to engage participants.

‘Designing Documentary Informatics’ has been accepted to DIS 2017, and is a reflection on the Abacus Weddings project, and our explorations of a speculative service to document a wedding through quantified data.

The Abacus Weddings project was also presented at RTD 2017 in Edinburgh, with our very own wedding fair stall as part of the exhibition!